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checking blood pressureSometimes, your dad just needs someone to help him up from his bed and move to the dining room for breakfast. On weekends, you may need to get out of town with friends but you decide you’ll stay home because your mom can’t be left alone at risk of falling down and getting injured. Your brother or sister could be struggling with disability.

Everyone has different needs and as a family member, you will want to take the responsibility yourself. However, without proper training in caregiving procedures or monitoring your loved one’s health – you could risk their conditions further. It’s time to take at look at other options rather than personally becoming the caregiver full-time.

Today, Home Health Care Services enable you and your loved one to cope with an injury, an illness or the adjustments that occur as your parent or grandparent turns to the golden years. This time, you can turn to Midland Health Care Services, Inc. – a highly respected home health services provider in the state of Texas.

Who We Are

Midland Health Care Services, Inc. is a licensed, certified, and JCAHO accredited home health agency committed to providing excellent and quality care to our patients.

We are dedicated to a continuum of care for our patients in collaboration with our trained and skilled professionals in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our communities, caregivers, clients, and patients.

Stories from Clients

the happy familyClients Name

More testimonials will be available soon. Please check back next time. Thank you for choosing Midland Health Care Services, Inc.

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  • Phone:   1-877-398-7454 Cell:         832-886-4539 / 832-886-4569 Fax:          832-886-4690 Email: info@midlandhealthcareservices.com
  • 7402 Pavilion Drive Houston Texas 77083

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Midland Health Care Services, Inc. offers home health services 24 hours a day, all seven days of the week. To schedule an assessment with a case manager or a registered nurse, please call 832-886-4539.

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